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Panel TVSS - Surge Suppression Solutions For Distribution Panels

Surge Suppression Solutions For Distribution Panels
Electric power line disturbances such as high voltage transients can disrupt or damage sensitive electronic equipment— causing a major loss in productivity and money. Liebert understands this problem and offers the Liebert PowerSure® Panel Low and Medium Exposure surge suppression systems — the reliable way to keep these power problems from getting into your facility in the first place.
Liebert PowerSure® Panel
Low Exposure — Designed for use on branch panels or equipment in low exposure locations. Available up to 100kA/phase surge current capacity. LED status indication and Form C contacts for remote indication are standard.

Liebert PowerSure® Panel
Medium Exposure — Offers protection from transients on distribution panels or any medium exposure location.
Available in 100kA/phase and 160kA/phase, all mode and two mode protection, small footprints, NEMA 12 enclosure, silver link fusing with thermal protection, all voltage and phase configurations, 5-year warranty.
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