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Liebert SX

ower Protection Devices For VSATs and Other Applications

Liebert SX

Liebert Hipulse E Online UPS, 500-800kVA
Liebert SX is the result of an innovative research and development programme designed to offer users the most reliable power supply at a minimum cost and the highest possible energy conversion efficiency.

The UPS will consist of the following major components :
• IGBT Rectifier
• IGBT Battery Charger / Booster
• IGBT Inverter
• Dedicated digital signal processor (DSP) for each IGBT AC/DC, DC/AC converter
• Micro-controller board for internal and external signal management
• Electronic static switch and bypass supply
• Manual maintenance bypass switch

• Increased power quality
• Full input Power Factor Correction (PFC) and very low THDi
• Full compatibility with any TN and IT installation
• Full compatibility with any standby power generator
• Full compatibility with all types of loads with PF up to 1 without de-rating
• Advanced battery care
• Energy saving features
• Transformer-free design
• Full IGBT double conversion technology
• Automatic output power upgrade up to +10%
• High conversion efficiency
• Full galvanic isolation as standart built-in option
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