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Network Power Switch

Network Power Switch
Network Power Switch
The NPS-I & NPS-II switches allows instantaneous transfer of load between two power sources. It can be used to ensure complete redundancy of power supply upto the last piece of wire. It is useful in many applications, where redundant power supply is available, either from two UPS systems or one UPS and bypass source. These switches are comprising of semiconductor switches, they ensure continuity of powertothe load in the eventoffailure of one of the power sources. They have different user selectable parameters and in-built microprocessor.
Uses Power Semiconductors as Switching Element
It acts like protective barrier to the load. When power supply feeding to the load goes beyond the preset limits (Frequency or
voltage) the switch instantly disconnects from load and protects it.

Independent Micro-controller
Makes it independent of source functioning and its control scheme. The smart control enables user to select the priority of

Simple & Rugged desiqn
Low Component count,giving high level of reliability

User Friendly display & Control
Display Provides status of incoming power source and the condition of static switch

Exceptional Performance
it is tailored suit the requirement of different operating conditions.It tracks the input voltage, phase frequency, Distortion levels at the terminal points. if these parameters are within the limits then depending upon the priority selection,it activates the respective switch.This ensure the power availability to the load
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