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Passive Harmonic Filters

Passive Harmonic Filters

State-of-the-Art Passive Filter, that limits the harmonic distortion, meets IEEE 519 Standards and Improve the Power Factor. It protects Drives & Other Sensitive equipments & Improve Energy efficiency.

Harmonics and Power Quality :
Transformer and Distribution Equipment Overheating
Random Breaker Tripping
Sensitive Equipment may fail Completely
Poor Power Factor

Reduced System Efficiency

. Meets IEEE-519
. Protects drives and other sensitive equipment
. Improves energy efficiency
. The HTS not only Limits the current distortion to less Than 8% (5 – 6 % Typical to 100% Load),
    it also Corrects the Power Factor to 0.99 (Near Unity at100% load).
. Eliminates nuisance tripping
. Increases drive uptime dramatically
. Improves system efficiency & reliability & Extends equipment life
. Remote monitoring and diagnosis.
. User friendly PC interface
Benefits to Customer:
. Safe and reliable AC electrical distribution systems
. Nuisance tripping of protection circuit breakers avoided
. Improved power quality
. Reduction of the THD i
. Increased lifetime of AC distribution system equipment
. Over-sizing cables, transformers and other AC distribution equipment avoided
. Compliance of installations with harmonic standards ensured
. Improved power factor
. Lower energy expenses/bills
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